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What are Floorcloths?

Floorcloths are extremely durable, hand-painted canvas rugs that may be used on a hard surface anywhere in your home that you may want a work of art that is as functional as it is beautiful.  They will add warmth and beauty to cold floors, provide a soft standing surface, and a lovely decorative accent to any room in your home.  A well-constructed floorcloth will stand up to years of heavy foot traffic, and they just wipe clean with a damp mop.  They can be used to protect your floor from spills by placing them under highchairs, pet bowls, or potted plants.  They may also be used as wall-hangings or table coverings.

How I make my Floorcloths

My Floorcloths are made with an emphasis on durability, ensuring that they will stay beautiful for decades.  I start with a very heavy canvas made especially for floorcloths.  Two coats of primer are applied to the top and bottom.  The artwork is done with high-quality, lightfast acrylic paints.  When the artwork is finished and has cured, I apply several coats of an extremely durable, flexible, non-toxic, non-yellowing marine varnish.  To further repel dirt and soil, I finish the piece with a non-yellowing paste wax then buff to a lovely patina.

You can choose a design from the images below in any size that fits your space.  Custom orders are most welcome.  Contact me and together we can create your floorcloth using your favorite colors, flowers, china patterns, fabric swatches, or even your pets!

Prices range from $25-$75 per square foot depending on the intricacy of the design.

Scroll down below the images to fill out a contact form or email me directly at for questions. 

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